At Inspectia & Control Services we address the needs of today with the technology of tomorrow. Our goal is clear: to make our day-to-day processes more efficient and improve our lives.

We unite effort, innovation, development, and business ethics, to make companies and their facilities more prepared, capable, and safe.
Processes that to date have been highly costly and staff-intensive can now be automated and monitored and controlled with high precision.

Precision agriculture, supervision and inspection of infrastructure, citizen protection and surveillance. These are some of the fields in which we work, offering the best guarantees, thanks to our multidisciplinary team capable of developing any project anywhere.

We offer training 100% oriented to the labor application, as well as personalized advice. We are overwhelmed by our training team and years of experience in the sector.

Working alongside you for a better, greener, and more productive world.


How are we organized ?

Inspectia & Control Services is organized into different divisions and teams made up of experienced professionals from the sector to guarantee the highest quality in each project and field:


Air – Drone Division

We are a leading company in the field of professional drone work in Spain. We are approved by AESA and EASA, the Aviation Safety Aeronautical Agency and the European Aviation Safety Agency, which are the bodies in charge of issuing regulations on drones in our country and community.

At Inspectia & Control Services we use professional drones or RPAS in inspection, control, surveying, volumetric, audiovisual work, … Any job that requires professional drones, Inspectia is trained to do so. We bring a highly valuable point of view to any project.

These days, drone inspections are performed in almost every industry that requires visual inspections as part of their maintenance procedures. By using a drone to collect visual data on the condition of an asset, drone inspections help inspectors avoid having to put themselves in dangerous situations.


Agri-Food Division

Inspectia & Control Services puts at your service its extensive experience in the different facets that make up the agri-food market.

Our services are aimed at all operators related to the import, export, or national market of raw materials for animal feed, manufactured food products, warehouses, insurers, etc.

We are experts in the preservation of identity in crops and products, and the traceability of these consumer goods. Additionally, we use our years of industry experience to perform the most comprehensive field analyzes to ensure the highest quality control.

The agri-food division of Inspectia & Control Services also offers verification services for conservation parameters, as well as inspection and control of goods and warehouses. We also carry out damage assessments and salvage of goods in the event of an accident or incident.


Industrial Division

We are a tool at your disposal. The services offered by Inspectia & Control Services in what we call the Industrial Division are based on two main blocks, inspection, and verification.

  • Inspection: Services related to the visual inspection of industrial facilities and structures in order to know their status, detect breakdowns or possible anomalies.

    Usually carried out by our Air Division with the objective to minimize risks for people, and optimize inspection time, being able to mention among others: Inspections of electrical lines and conduits, monitoring of construction sites and processes, …

  • Verification: Services related to the visual inspection of industrial facilities and structures based on recognized standards or customer’s own procedures.

    These services include assistance in inspections or audits, assistance in verifications of facilities, and calculation of inventories and stocks.


Maritime Division

Inspectia & Control Services puts at your service its extensive experience in the different facets that make up the maritime field, whether in storage units, warehouses, containers, silos and port warehouses or agri-food, industrial products, consumer goods, etc.

We have several teams available to our clients to carry out verification and sealing of goods, as well as for the inspection and verification of warehouses. We can also assist in the reception of goods and control the loading and unloading processes.

Our extensive experience will provide you with the best assistance in the event of a claim and salvage of goods. In addition, we offer maritime commissariat and weight control services for ships, either by draft or by scale.


Training Team

At Inspectia & Control Services we offer training of the highest quality and approved by the relevant institutions. We are a leading company in the field of job training both within the company and for the independent student in Spain.

We offer training courses related to the fields of technology, the food industry, and the port area, adapted to the needs of our clients. At Inspectia & Control Services we offer training in two different ways:

  • Closed structured courses: we offer a series of courses with a training program approved by the relevant authorities.
  • 100% adapted courses: in the event that your company requires specific training that we do not have in our portfolio, Inspectia & Control Services is able to prepare a tailor-made course to meet your needs.

We have a great team of teachers trained and prepared for all kinds of challenges. This is not only a sign of the seriousness of Inspectia & Control Services, but, in addition to the most innovative teaching techniques, guarantees the professionalism of the project.



What do we want to achieve ?

At Inspectia & Control Services we work to be the most competitive and productive service organization in the world. Our key competencies in inspection and verification are subjected to a constant recycling and improvement process to keep us on the crest of the wave of the sector.

We always try to go beyond market expectations to provide leading services wherever it is needed. As a company with extensive experience in improving quality, safety, productivity, and risk reduction, we offer specialized solutions for our clients so that they can continue to compete in an increasingly regulated world.

As an added value, our projects and services always promote sustainable development. For Inspectia & Control Services, sustainability has to be the objective of any business that wants to be profitable in the long term, taking into account all the positive and negative environmental, social and economic effects.

We want to be the epitome of passion, integrity, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit, in order to meet our goals. These values form the foundation on which our company is built.