Pilot training courses of
professional drone pilot in Tarragona.
Train today for one of the
professions of the future.

We accompany you from start to finish on the exciting journey of becoming a professional RPA systems pilot. Enroll in a course oriented to train professionals of the sector of the highest size and quality possible.

Our formula of telematic theory classes allows the student to face the course in the most comfortable way possible while continuing with their daily routine. The individualized practices guarantee that our trainees leave not only with the knowledge that a course approved by AESA (the Spanish State Agency for Aviation Safety) implies, but that they leave with a level worthy of the professional adjective.

In this course you will not only get the essential requirement to transform a hobby into a job, but you will also join an expanding world of work with a brilliant future ahead.

With us you will not only get your professional drone pilot certificate, but you will also be part of our extensive program of technification, specialization and monitoring. Receive key information to keep up to date with the world of drones, and additional training.

Do not turn your back on a dream,
open the door to the future.