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Inspectia & Control Services is a company dedicated since its inception in 2010 to the inspection, verification, control and advice of all types of industry, process, structure or merchandise. Our base is made up of personnel with long experience together with the latest technology.

We use the best tools available on the market. Our doors are always open, studying any project that our clients request us to guarantee perfect efficiency, both in time and resources, without forgetting a good job at any time.

The technicians that make up our intervention teams are highly qualified and highly experienced to guarantee the safety and professionalism that are absolutely necessary in this field.

Our internal projects developed in the R + D + i department generate greater efficiency and experience so that clients can benefit from it. The result is an optimization of all resources along with remarkable results.




Referents in inspection, verification, control, and advice on all types of projects

We use innovation and the development of the best technologies to achieve more efficient and cleaner processes for our clients. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions throughout the value chain is a commitment that we must all impose on ourselves.

Inspectia & Control Services is a leading company in inspection, verification, control and advice. We are considered by our clients as their best tool to control the quality and integrity of their processes, products and facilities.

Our basic services can be divided into four categories:



Our comprehensive portfolio of inspection services adapts to any type of facility, process, or product. From the inspection of port facilities to inspections in the chemical industry, in different regions and markets.


We guarantee products, facilities and services comply with global standards and local regulations. Thanks to the knowledge of the legislation and to the experience and technical knowledge in almost every sector.


Specialists in ensuring that all types of processes, products and services are within the established parameters. In today’s market, it is necessary that we know the status of the relevant points to act on them.


We have extensive experience, training, tools and knowledge in sectors such as the agri-food industry, the chemical industry, oil industry and the port sector. Put your trust in us to start up your new processes or projects.




We do our best to improve ourselves and exceed all expectations

At Inspectia & Control Services we work to be the most competitive and productive service organization in the world. Our key competencies in inspection and verification are subjected to a constant recycling and improvement process to keep us on the crest of the wave of the sector.

We always try to go beyond market expectations to provide leading services wherever it is needed. As a company with extensive experience in improving quality, safety, productivity, and risk reduction, we offer specialized solutions for our clients so that they can continue to compete in an increasingly regulated world.

As an added value, our projects and services always promote sustainable development. For Inspectia & Control Services, sustainability must be the objective of any business that wants to be profitable in the long term, taking into account all the positive and negative environmental, social and economic effects.

We want to be the epitome of passion, integrity, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit, in order to meet our goals. These values form the foundation on which our company is built.




The value we add to society is not only financial

Adding our extensive experience to an integrated leadership approach, we work daily to become an increasingly sustainable company and maximize the positive impact we can have on society.

Our team, the staff around us (employees and suppliers, investors, clients, governments and industries, consumers, communities…) and the planet, are the final beneficiaries of this effort.

To measure our progress, we are developing an innovative impact assessment model to quantify our value to society.

Below, you can find our principles and values, the reflection of our DNA. These are the essence of our origins and have evolved in parallel to the challenges we have been facing year after year, in a path based on our vision and culture, showing the constant evolution of Inspectia & Control Services.



Our clients trust our inspection, verification, control, and advice solutions to ensure that their products, industries, facilities, or processes meet the latest quality standards and the specifications of our clients.


We adhere to the highest standards of professional behavior to reflect the values that are shared in our company. Without a doubt, we want one of the ideals to define Inspectia & Control Services and our clients.



We give our clients tools to gain control of their products, industries, facilities or processes and contribute to create a more responsible and sustainable future by promoting environmental responsibility.


We provide services that allow to identify, manage and reduce risk. Leveraging our inspection and verification capabilities, we deliver risk prevention and management solutions.



We offer tailored business solutions to our clients in order to help them implement processes and systems that achieve faster, safer, better, easier and more efficient business operations.


Our reputation enables us to build trust where and when it is needed. We provide transparent inspection, verification, control, and advice solutions so that our clients can provide security.



We promote the development of effective health and safety systems to protect employees and facilities, and build stronger trust in the consumer and in the company operations.


Our comprehensive training solutions guarantee that productivity advances at the same pace as in our clients’ production plan. Focused training to develop specialized skills.




We are a group of professionals that combines youth and experience.

We are made up of a multidisciplinary team that follows a continuous training plan, our most significant capital. Its multidisciplinary and complementary nature is based on the capabilities and differentiation in the Inspectia & Control Services service.

We are committed to our work and to society. The talent of our employees is key to face new challenges. We encourage teamwork and collaboration to achieve a common purpose. In our daily work, we act on our own initiative, taking responsibility for all our decisions. We attract, retain and recognize people’s talents by valuing their diversity.

This is our seal and our most powerful tool with which we try to give differential value to a demanding market in constant change and growth.

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Albert Roda
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