Inspectia & Control Services puts at your disposal its extensive experience in the different facets that make up the maritime field, be it in storage units, warehouses, containers, silos and port warehouses or agri-food, industrial, consumer goods, etc.

Some of the services we can offer are:

  • Verification of the integrity of seals upon arrival of a ship or container.
  • Sealing of warehouses and containers, at the origin and / or destination.
  • Visual inspection of goods at the opening of warehouses.
  • Inspection of warehouses before loading.
  • Inspection of warehouses at the end of their unloading.
  • Control of loading or unloading operations on ships and / or containers.
  • Receipt of goods prior to shipment.
  • Valuation of damage to merchandise.
  • Salvage of merchandise.
  • Assistance in claims.
  • Maritime commissariat.
  • Air volumetry.
  • Draft survey.
  • Weight control on scales.
  • Aerial and ground photographic report.
  • Training – Inspection of goods on ships.
  • Training – Draft survey.
  • Training – Quality and quantity control of raw materials.