Pilot training courses of
professional drone pilot in Tarragona.
Train today for one of the
professions of the future.

We accompany you from start to finish on the exciting journey of becoming a professional RPA systems pilot. Enroll in a course oriented to train professionals of the sector of the highest size and quality possible.

Our formula of telematic theory classes allows the student to face the course in the most comfortable way possible while continuing with their daily routine. The individualized practices guarantee that our trainees leave not only with the knowledge that a course approved by AESA (the Spanish State Agency for Aviation Safety) implies, but that they leave with a level worthy of the professional adjective.

In this course you will not only get the essential requirement to turn a hobby into a job, but you will also join an expanding world of work with a brilliant future ahead.

With us you will not only get your professional drone pilot certificate, but you will also be part of our extensive program of technification, specialization and monitoring. Receive key information to keep up to date with the world of drones, and additional training.

Do not turn your back on a dream
open the door to the future.

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Custom professional drone
pilot training courses
for companies and authorities
of all sectors.
Form your ranks and start
your own air division.

In inspectia & Control Services we train professional drone pilots for all types of companies and authoroties. We offer a complete training adapted to your sector so that you can have pilots capable of solving your problems.

Our formula of telematic theory classes allows the student to face the course in the most comfortable way possible while continuing with their daily routine. The individualized practices guarantee that our trainees leave not only with the knowledge that a course approved by AESA (the Spanish State Agency for Aviation Safety) implies, but that they leave with a level worthy of the professional adjective.

Not only do we adapt the contents of the course to the client’s needs, but also the way in which it is given. We offer different teaching methods to make possible the integration of the course in your working environment: from classes in your own facilities, to telematic courses with 24h support and personalized tutorials. All the modalities that we offer are approved by AESA (State Agency for Air Safety), which implies a guarantee of professionalism.

With this custom-approved courses, your company or authority will be able to start including drones in your daily maintenance, inspections, safety tasks, … the limit of this technology is set by your imagination.

By using drones, we eliminate the risk factor without sacrificing quality of execution. A division specialized in the use of these revolutionary technologies will allow your company to reduce costs, increase safety in the workplace, and perform more accurate monitoring in the field where they are intended to be installed.

Applying drones in your company
or authority provides great added value.
Differentiate yourself from the
competition by offering more
controlled, safe and efficient.

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Have you been given a drone and you want
to learn to pilot it?
Do you want to know how far you can go
as a recreational pilot?
This is your course.

In this changing world where technology offers us attractive hobbies of the caliber of piloting RPA systems. It is important to know how to use such tools correctly, safely, responsibly, and legally.

As is logical for a sector with as much potential as drone piloting, it is important to set guidelines and limits to ensure that both those who use them and those who do not, can coexist in the same space without bothering each other.

Dare to discover the exciting world
that has already captivated so many.
Give a new perspective to your life.

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Inspectia & Control Services is a leading company in the field of job training both within the company and as an independent student in Spain.

We offer training courses related to the fields of technology, the agri-food industry, and the port sector, adapted to the needs of our clients.

We are certified by the bodies in charge of issuing the regulations on training in these fields in our country and community.



It may seem hard to believe, but there are some less-than-enlightened people in the world of work who look skeptically at investing in learning. Below, you will find a series of arguments that can help convince those who doubt:


  1. Everyone (else) is doing it: there are always new skills to learn and techniques to adopt. The most successful people in the world understand that they must continually learn to be successful. In order for us to live life to the fullest, we must continually seek ways to improve ourselves.


  1. Failure to do so will miss potential job opportunities: Skeptics may view investment in learning as a high cost, not a benefit, with negligible return on investment (ROI). But the costs of not learning are extremely high. We are seeing increases, across Europe in particular, in learning that is linked to business requirements. All learning activities can have a direct impact on the bottom line of a business.


  1. Learning makes us more competitive: any organization that wants to grow and flourish needs to invest in its workers through continuous training. Given the rapid pace of change in the modern business landscape, your ranks of workers need to continually develop new knowledge and new skills in order for your organization to compete effectively in the marketplace.


  1. It leads to new opportunities: in the case of individuals, learning helps to broaden horizons and promote self-development. With their new knowledge, they may be able to identify new opportunities for their organization, or identify more efficient ways of working.


  1. Training improves the perception of the worker about the company: studies have shown that one of the things that the worker takes into account more when evaluating their level of satisfaction with their company is how much the organization invests in the employee. This translates into greater employee satisfaction and a higher loyalty rate.


  1. Improve productivity and reduce costs: Happier workers tend to be more productive and more committed. They may stay longer with your team or organization, among other things because they feel that you value them by investing in their development. This reduces the recruitment, selection and incorporation costs of your organization.


  1. Increase the value of your work team: the trained worker becomes more valuable. In other words, more efficient, effective and productive for your organization.


  1. Training keeps the brain active: Learning drives connections within your brain, and your brain can then apply that learning to other areas. This translates into a greater ability to face challenges.



At Inspectia & Control Services we offer training in two different ways:


  1. Closed structured courses: we offer a series of courses with a training program approved by the relevant authorities.


  1. 100% adapted courses: in the event that your company requires specific training that we do not have in our portfolio, Inspectia & Control Services is able to prepare a course tailored to meet your needs.



In the event that our clients require a course that we do not have in our portfolio, we can prepare 100% tailor-made training for them.


  1. Detection of training needs: as it is a model that is most adapted to your needs, our team of experts makes a study of the different fields that training must cover. This type of prior audit aims to detect needs that the client himself may have overlooked, as well as complementary skills that our team can detect to achieve the most optimal result possible.


  1. Design of the training program: Based on the detected needs, we set the course objectives. With the objectives set, we are able to distribute the course content intelligently and logically to ensure that the course has the best possible result. For this we have a highly qualified and specialized teaching team.


  1. Delivery of training: Our training has a practical and dynamic methodological approach that facilitates the internalization of concepts and their subsequent application to the professional field. We seek easy and direct transfer to the job. In addition, we offer to adapt the training modality to the requirements of the company.



We distinguish three different modalities in our training courses:


  1. Face-to-face modality: It consists of training with a more traditional approach, although we apply the most modern presentation techniques to optimize results. We help our students to improve their skills with an experience-based approach. This will allow them to develop the necessary skills to carry out their work more effectively, positively impacting the work environment and productivity.


  1. Semi-face-to-face modality: We could say that this modality brings together the best of both worlds. This hybrid approach of face-to-face classes, virtual face-to-face classes, and autonomous learning through a virtual platform, is giving great results. This modality allows maintaining a personal touch at the same time that the possibility of individualizing needs is emphasized.
  2. Online mode: At Inspectia & Control Services we believe that for virtual training to be truly successful, it must be based on 100% multimedia content (images, sounds, videos, etc.) designed with pedagogical criteria and supported on a platform that offer communication resources such as chats, forums and conferences … This is achieved thanks to the coordinated work of our technical team made up of professionals in pedagogy, multimedia design and teachers with extensive experience in the different subject areas of our catalog.



Continuing education can open previously closed doors or create possibilities for promotion within the company. By promoting the training of their workers, companies obtain more competent and complete personnel, ready to face any challenge.

The training courses allow the worker to grow at the same rate as the market grows, consequently making his company grow as well.



We have a great team of teachers trained and prepared for all kinds of challenges. This is not only a sign of the seriousness of Inspectia & Control Services, but also added to the latest teaching techniques, endorses the professionalism of the project.



We can teach in Catalonia, Aragon, Valencia, Navarra, La Rioja, Madrid, the Basque Country, Castilla León, Murcia, Andalusia, Asturias, Cantabria, Castilla la Mancha, Extremadura, Galicia, the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla. In other words, we work throughout Spain.


Furthermore, we can operate in all the countries of the European Union (Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Finland, France, Grace, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg , Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Romania and Sweden).


In addition, the Inspectia & Control Services teaching team can teach classes around the world.