Damage Assessment and Salvage of Goods

Inspectia & Control Services puts at your disposal an experienced team in the field of damage assessment in the agri-food and maritime sector. We are trained to absorb the entire process after an incident or claim: observation and assessment of damage, valuation by sampling, management of salvage of usable merchandise, recovery of immobilized products … A quick and agile intervention in the claim means a greater salvage of the merchandise and consequently a lower loss by the company. We collaborate with professionals of recognized prestige and verifiable experience in their professional and judicial fields.

Why is it important to do a damage assessment before discarding an entire shipment or shipment ?

On many occasions there are fire accidents, water damage, or other causes. It is easy to think that the entire product is damaged and that nothing is usable. But with the help of experts in the field, all is not lost.

When accidents of this type happen and the merchandise is affected, it must be classified under clinical eyes in different categories based on the damages that the product has received. Therefore, and after an exhaustive classification, losses can be minimized.

What steps do we follow to assess the damage of the merchandise ?

Depending on the type of company in question and the type of existence to be valued, the way of valuing the goods will be different. That is why having a team of professional experts will be key to getting the most out of damaged merchandise.

At Inspectia & Control Services we follow a complex protocol that adapts to the needs of our clients in order to reduce the severity of an event such as this type:

  • First, we go to the place in question to carry out an immediate inspection to capture the data of interest. Among others, we collect details about the incident (what happened, how it happened and in what state were the facilities that contained the merchandise) and the condition of the product is assessed.
  • Then we classify the product according to the state in which it is. Depending on the state and type of this and the needs of the client, the classification may be more or less extensive. In this way, qualifying categories will be considered depending on the final use that will be given to the merchandise.
  • To achieve the best possible classification, product samples with different levels of affectation are collected.
  • With sorted merchandise, you can accurately rate. We offer different scenarios to our clients so that they can choose which is the one that best suits their needs.
  • Once the action plan has been established, Inspectia & Control Services supervises the salvage tasks of the merchandise so that the client’s wishes are fulfilled.

Why choose Inspectia & Control Services for the salvage of your goods ?

When disasters occur that damage merchandise, it is important to surround yourself with a professional team in order to minimize losses. Our extensive experience in the sector allows us to make the most accurate evaluations and advise our clients to choose the action that best suits their needs.

It is important to emphasize that a quick and agile intervention in the claim means a greater salvage of the merchandise and therefore a lower loss by the company.


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