Inspection and Control of Goods and Warehouses and Silos

Two of the fundamental keys for a correct conservation of the stored agri-food products are to have appropriate facilities and that the reception of the merchandise is in a controlled and correct environment. First, the facilities must be equipped with temperature and humidity control systems. Second, the goods collected must be within specific humidity and temperature parameters and be free of impurities. Inspectia & Control Services puts at your service a team capable of verifying all these parameters and much more.

Why is it important to perform a merchandise precondition check ?

The reception of goods, and more so if we talk about the reception of food products, is one of the most important operations in the management and operation of a warehouse. It makes sense when we consider the input of raw material, as the one that starts the production flow. Poorly managed, it can be the starting point of many errors that later surface and limit the productivity of the installation.

What parameters of the merchandise should be checked upon receipt ?

Upon receipt of the merchandise, it is important to check and record the following parameters:

  • Humidity: it must be verified that the merchandise complies with the parameters agreed with the seller. The entry into the warehouse of batches of insufficiently dry agricultural products should always be avoided because they could be sources of overheating of the pile. A wet spot in the center of a dry stored batch will be the beginning of a medium-term storage problem.
  • Temperature: as with the previous parameter, the temperature must be carefully measured. You must comply with what was specified with the seller. A batch with a higher temperature than agreed may mean that it is not in good condition, which when mixed with the rest of the merchandise can cause the loss of an entire warehouse.
  • Presence of Impurities: the presence of impurities in the merchandise such as dust, stones, or other materials, can cause a lack of perspiration and interfere with the natural and progressive cooling of the raw materials. This can also be a main focus for insect development.
  • Presence of insects and / or fungi: it is common sense to check that the merchandise is received free of insects and / or fungi. In case it is affected, it will be necessary to take the pertinent measures and inform the supplier.

Inspectia & Control Services has a team of experts capable of verifying these parameters.

Why is it important to do a precondition check for warehouses and silos ?

Due to the nature of the materials that the warehouses and silos of your company will contain, it is essential that they are in optimal conditions. Carrying out this point correctly will avoid a large number of accidents and problems in production.

It should be noted that a good maintenance of our silos and warehouses optimizes their capacities, offering the same benefits as at the beginning throughout their useful life. With this we will achieve greater product control.

What parameters of the warehouses and silos should be checked before housing merchandise ?

Prior to receiving the raw material in the warehouse or silo, it is essential to carry out several preliminary preparatory works:

  1. Exhaustive cleaning of the warehouse or silo: by carrying out this process rigorously, we will avoid leaving any remaining crops previously stored in it.
  2. Disinsection of warehouses or silos: make sure that the insecticide broth reaches the corners. We remember that it is of the utmost importance that these processes are always carried out by experts and that they are expressly authorized.
  3. Review and repair: at this point we will make sure that there are no humidity entry points, leaks, condensation points, etc. In this way, we will facilitate the task of regulating the conservation parameters.

At Inspectia & Control Services, we take care of verifying that all your storage facilities are in optimal conditions for storing raw materials to ensure that your production process begins in the best possible conditions.


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