Verification of Conservation Parameters of Agri-Food Products

Once the agri-food product is harvested and before being definitively used by the corresponding industries, it has to be stored for a more or less prolonged period of time. The correct handling of stored agricultural products is of capital importance for their sanitary and technological quality within the parameters required by the agri-food industry. Inspectia & Control Services is trained to audit and verify that raw materials are preserved in accordance with the parameters set by the client.

Why is it important to carry out a verification of the conservation parameters of agri-food products ?

The hard and sacrificial work to obtain the best possible harvest can be wasted if the collected raw material is not properly conserved. Agricultural products are a living organism that continues to perspire and develop, which makes correct collection and conservation of these essential.

At all times, the harvested raw material must be in optimal conditions to be marketed to the agri-food industry, an industry that is increasingly demanding in the reception parameters.

It is of the utmost importance to monitor, observe and monitor the raw material to avoid quality problems and deterioration of the same during the time it remains in storage.

What processes must be done to guarantee a good conservation of the agri-food product ?

To ensure that the raw material remains in optimal conditions during storage, it is necessary to perform the following tasks:

  • Maintenance of the surface of the pile: in the event that the raw material is stored in a pile, it is necessary that the most exposed layer receives adequate maintenance. This involves removing and treating it to ensure uniform oxygenation and prevent the appearance of fungi and pests.
  • Control of the evolution of the product: this process involves carrying out a control of various parameters that, if met, ensure good conservation of the raw material.
  • Fumigations: they must always be carried out by experts and must be expressly authorized.

Inspectia & Control Services is trained to assist and carry out all these processes.

What parameters must be controlled during the conservation process ?

The most important parameters to take into account for a correct conservation of raw materials of an agricultural nature during the conservation process are the following:

  • Presence of Insects and Fungi: it is essential to make a careful observation of each of the batches of raw material when they are stored. In the event of the presence of insects and / or fungi, action must be taken according to the seriousness of the situation. Our extensive experience in the sector allows us to assess and act correctly in each situation.
  • Evolution of humidity: in stable conditions of the agri-food product, it should never be rewetted. That is why the increase in humidity is an indicator of deterioration that requires immediate action. Knowing the causes will be key to taking the correct contingency measures.
  • Evolution of temperature: it is the framework that favors the destabilization of the raw material as it is directly related to both its biological activity and the development of insects. The stability and control of this parameter, as well as the choice of the cooling method, will be key to guaranteeing that the fruit remains in optimal conditions.

To ensure that our clients’ agri-food products are kept in optimal conditions, Inspectia & Control Services offers a capable and experienced team in the field of verification and conservation.


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